BBQ 101 Saturday Jan25 ... 9am-12
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Want to learn to cook BBQ like an award winning Pit Master? This class is taught by Wayne Preston and is a hands on class. Not just a lecture about how to. You will actually cook BBQ, learn to make rubs, learn to make sauces, and 4 meats are covered. You will learn Pork, Chicken, Ribs, and Brisket. The great part of this class is you eat what we cook! This class meets at Bucky's at 2010 Perimeter Rd, starts at 9am and lasts a full 3 hours. When this class is over you will leave with a Manual to carry home, a belly full of BBQ, and the experience you need to make the neighbors think you are a top PitMaster. This class is for Saturday January 25th 9am at 2010 Perimeter Rd.

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BBQ 101 Saturday Jan25 ... 9am-12

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