BBQ Class Feb 27 SOLD OUT
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 Ever Wish You Could Cook Bar-B-Q like a Professional Pitmaster? Well You Can!

This class is designed to teach you the basics of cooking Great Bar-B-Q. Your instructor will be Award Winning Pitmaster, Wayne Preston. Wayne has 35 years experience cooking barbecue and is willing to share all his secrets with you! Wayne is the Founder and owner of Bucky's Bar-B-Q. and He has won many awards and trophies cooking Barbecue Competitons. The knowledge you will get in 3 hours has taken him years to learn and perfect.

You will learn making rubs, making sauces, meats to use, and temperatures and timing. Your class includes a printed manual that has recipes and tips for future reference. Learn about cookers, charcoal, meat selection, trimming, seasoning, and much more. You will come out of this class with what you need to be a home Pitmaster to the family! We will cook Pork, Chicken, Ribs, and even Brisket. A great class to start learning!

This class is for Saturday February 27, 9am -12. Class is held at Bucky's Bar-B-Q 1700 Roper Mtn Rd.

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BBQ Class Feb 27 SOLD OUT

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